Kirklands Care Home
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My mother has been a resident in Kirkland's for just under six months, since settling in her overall condition has improved measurably. She now has a happy and positive attitude and enjoys all activities, she is doing things she has never done before and enjoying them.
The staff are really helpful

and she is responsive to all activities that are provided. She is now eating regularly and looks forward to mealtimes, has never complained and is always given a choice.

Brian S  (Son of Resident)

Moving a loved one into residential care is a very hard decision for any family. However, moving my mum into the safe and caring environment of Kirklands in September has given me so much reassurance that my decision was indeed the correct one. She has support and help with her self-care and decision

making that was previously causing her distress, company that has stimulated her speech and I have the reassurance in knowing that she is being fed well and her nutrition monitored effectively. A recent phone call to mum's sister in New Zealand when I heard her say to her sister that she was safe and happy now, reflected the homely environment and the staff very positively. Thank you.

Review from Julie T  - (Daughter of Resident)

My mum settled in very quickly and the friendly and attentive staff no doubt helped in this process. The home is well maintained, the food is excellent and the whole atmosphere is homely and welcoming. In the words of mum "What's not to like". Knowing mum is safe, cared for and content is a great comfort to her family.

Review from John M (Son of Resident)

My mother died in November a few days short of her 99th birthday having been resident at Kirklands since suffering a stroke some 3 1/2 years ago. I must express my sincere thanks for the wonderful way the staff looked after my mum throughout her stay at Kirklands I have nothing but praise for the way she was treated.

Review from E L (Daughter of Resident)